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I currently live in the San Francisco Bay Area, surrounded by friends and fam and fog (see above, minus fog). After 4 semi-adult years in Los Angeles and 4 very-adult years in New York City, I have no idea how to be an adult here, but believe you me, I am finding out.



Ready for a nice, rambly story of more than you need to know?

In May 2013, I left Seventeen magazine after two incredible years as the Executive Assistant to the Editor-in-Chief.

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They threw me a goodbye fiesta & put my face on a thing!

I became a Teen Advisor at the YMCA, where I planned and led lunch time and after school curriculum serving five high schools in NYC. We created lesson plans around social justice, cultural humility, college readiness and/or the ramifications of the Jenners (regarding society as a whole, obviously). I also managed a case load of teens in one-on-one counseling sessions — meaning, we spent hours rabidly discussing what’s filling their minds, be it home, friends or what condiment would we choose to dispense from our bellybuttons, should we have the power. (True story.)

While there, I struck this sweet collaboration between the Y and Scholastic, and I produced teen advice videos with my teens for Scholastic’s Choices Magazine each month.
Here’s the latest (and here’s the rest):

  I also served two years as YMCA Camp of New York‘s Teen Director, where I was in charge of designing and executing a whole new leadership program & curriculum for their 16/17-year-old Counselors in Training. One of the most fun, fulfilling, and deliciously exhausting jobs I’ve ever had.


Proud, sweaty, exhausted staffers after winning our Camp Olympics! …Long story.

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I was also a Producer for ProjectExplorer.org, a non-profit that creates free educational videos for kids. In October 2013, we completed our first circumnavigational trip, where I produced, directed, filmed, photographed and even hosted over 30 segments with a small & mighty team of women through Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and Mumbai. In November 2014, we hauled it all over Peru and shot segments in Lima, Cusco and — of course — Machu Picchu.

Needless to say, it’s been a freaking blast.





And now, well.

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I packed that all up and hauled it back to my hometown—San Francisco, California—to be a producer on Instagram’s Community team, focusing on Teens & Emerging Trends. Basically, I get to put all of my favorite work-things together—teens, media, teens, empowerment, and teens—into this epic work-hybrid-baby-Transformer thing, bangin’ around with some of the smartest and most passionate humans (adult and teen) that I’ve ever met.

And I’m having a buh-last.


Every now and then, I’ll get the guts to post a new, mega-cray YouTube video, like my most recent one (regarding the one thing I literally can’t stop talking about: Camp) —

And, oh! Are you on Instagram? I’ve been doing a silly little somethin’ in my travels called #EatPlayLunge – in which I literally lunge in as many international places as I can.

Some of my favorites:

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And others have gotten in on the fun, too:

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Check out the entire series here – to my extreme amusement and joyous surprise, more people are joining the #lungelife movement every day!

So, that’s about it. Your turn – tell me what you’re up to!